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Tracing the rainbow.

I'm sitting in the sunshine soaking up every ounce of this early Oregon spring and welcome the quiet warmth and opportunity to rest. February hit against my soul in the best and worst ways. Our entire reality changed all at once as we became real-life foster parents. In less than one minute in a parking lot where we made the transition happen, we went from a family of two + a dog to a family of three + a kiddos new best friend. Everything changed in an instant. Forgive me as I share no real details about this kiddo or much of the unfolding story - I am a keeper of this story and it isn't mine to share. Just know it's going better than the horror stories we hear about fostering, and our home is now wild and lovely as we actively work toward reunification.
At the exact time this new season began, my ministry life changed as God started bringing to life dreams He placed on my heart over a year ago. Waiting on God's timing has been a consistent theme over the last 5 years…

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