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Apparently I needed some perspective.

2018 felt like a giant dumpster fire to me as we closed out the year. I was so prepared and ready for the new year to hit to have a real life motivation to say "time to do something different!"

Why do we think our whole entire lives will change because a page on the calendar did? Turns out, it doesn't, because I woke up yesterday ridiculously exhausted (staying up all night is rough, and having a bunch of people I love over, while amazing, requires a day of introverting to recover). I took the first day of the new year in with gusto - and by that, I sat on the couch and watched football. Genius idea to have so many bowl games back to back, NCAA. I see you.

A new year brings forth a question: whats your "word" ? The last three years, the word God has given me has been the following: courage, brave, and fearless. I would say they're all pretty similar but manifested themselves in different ways. This year, however, I am panicking - He gave me PERSPECTIVE. This …

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