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Sick with sin and other lies I've believed

Imagine you're trying to run errands, hiding yourself because it's been a really difficult day, and you're carrying around some shame because you've sinned, you know it, and you haven't really done anything about it. Jesus walks up to you. He asks you for a favor. Only, you don't know it's Jesus, it's some random man interrupting your task list and shame spiral asking you for things you don't actually want to do. You engage in small talk out of politeness, but even that is likely a stretch. You just want to do your business and get home. The Samaritan woman had this exact encounter, and I'm sure many of us have, too. Maybe we haven't been at a well gathering water for our household when Jesus interrupts us and tells us about our many failed marriages, but you can see how Jesus has met you in the midst of shame and the mundane when really you just want to get in, get out, and be left to your own mess. I love the story of the woman at the well

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