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Friendships are hard even if we're brave and awesome.

It's been a reaaally long time, friends. Hi again.

Life as a foster parent is much busier than I planned; even though we have only had one placement for seven months, there is just SO MUCH TO DO. I'm not complaining, but justifying why I've taken my self-care to the background. Writing is self-care to me and man, have I missed it. Time to pick it back up (praise the Lord, school is back in session!)

I experienced my FIRST first day of school and it was the actual best. The excitement and nerves (mostly mine, our 5th grader is pretty unsure about not getting to sleep in every day now) bubbled all over the house and we tackled day one! I encouraged him to make a new friend this year, to look for the lonely kid, the one who maybe got picked last for the team or who ate lunch by himself. Look for the kiddo who walks with his head down and go give him encouragement.

What I didn't realize until last night's bed time routine, that this sweet boy is the lonely kid.

Our kid…

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